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Provincial Highway Improvement Project (2019~2024)

Project description

Competent authority: Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Organizer: Directorate General of Highways, MOTC

Duration: January 2019 to December 2024

Project background

  1. After completing the planning according to “Taiwan Area Highway Overall Planning”, Directorate General of Highways submitted the construction proposal formulated according to the performance of the planning to Secretaries-General of the Executive Yuan and was approved to consolidate into the content of two projects, “Provincial Highway Bridge Seismic Retrofit Emergency Engineering Follow-Up Construction Project” and “Provincial Mountain Highway Disaster Prevention Facility Emergency Improvement Project” and formulate an overall plan. After re-formulating proposals and submitting the proposals according to the procedures, “Provincial Highway Improvement Project (2013-2018)” was approved by Executive Yuan in an official little Yuan Tai Chiao Zi Di No. 1020120657 published on January 9th, 2013 (hereinafter referred to “Provincial Highway Improvement Project (2013-2018)” as “Phase 1 Plan”).
  2. According to the instructions from Secretaries-General of the Executive Yuan by official letter Yuan Tai Chiao Zi No. 0970046701 issued on October 21st, 2008 and official letter Yuan Tai Chiao Zi Di No. 0970052009 issued on November 17th, 2008, “a national, systematic, and comprehensive provincial highway improvement project should be submitted in order to save administrative operation, review resources, and enhance economic effectiveness on national traffic investment; it is not proper to submit an individual plan for each improvement project at the current stage.” Therefore, the project is positioned as a sustainable project to comprehensively consider the completeness of provincial highway system network and the demands of highway construction, improvement, safety enhancement, and disaster response and prevention. We continue the project in phases (in principle, we will use the duration of six years used in Phase 1 Plan as the duration of a phase) when submitting the project proposal. After the project is approved, we will cooperate with the preliminary work schedule for major public construction promoted by the government and consider the temporal immediacy and safety of each improvement project (section). We will also continue flexible discussion in the method of rolling reviewing in each sub-year in order to maintain the highest efficiency of provincial highway system with sustainable development concept of balancing among economic development, social justice and environmental conservation.
  3. The project was approved by the official letter Yuan Tai Chiao Zi Di No. 1070031328 issued by Executive Yuan on October 3rd, 2018.

Project target

  1. In order to enhance the service capacity of provincial highway system and discuss the provincial highway network overall planning and its development plans in an appropriate time, the necessity of key broken chain linkage in the road network shall be evaluated according to the changes of overall transportation demand to enhance the efficiency of the whole network operation. Through the concept of development step by step, the improvement project is formulated for provincial highway construction in order to eliminate bottleneck sections, construct complete road system as well as enhance the flexibility, accessibility, and connection in provincial highway system. We aim to provide safe, convenient, and comfortable highway transportation service to road users.
  2. For the section of provincial highway that can be improved its safety through traffic engineering project or traffic management, it shall be formulated separate improvement measures for improvement according to the character of the case.
  3. Based on the routine bridge inspection, evaluation and improvement operations shall be carried out on the bridges that are involved with the safety concern in order to enhance the safety of the bridge.
  4. According to the cycles of road surface degradation, pavement improvement implementation plans should be formulated to enhance the overall service quality on provincial highway surface.
  5. In terms of mountain highway that is not able to make changes due to the environment, relevant disaster prevention projects shall be formulated and supported with relevant management measures (landslide monitoring and warning) and smart application in order to enhance the disaster prevention capability on provincial highways.

Annual performance

2019 annual performance

  1. There are 6 sub-projects under Provincial Highway Improvement Project (2019~2024), and they are “highway preliminary planning”, “new highway construction and improvement”, “traffic safety and service quality enhancement”, “enhancement and extension of bridge tunnel safety reliability”, “road surface service quality enhancement and extension”, and “highway disaster prevention improvement” respectively. There are 446 plans in total.
  2. It is planned to deal with 13 individual plans for “new highway construction and improvement”. One individual plan has been completed, and it is “Provincial Highway No. 20B 0K+000~2K+680 and 3K+420~6K+800 sections improvement project”.
  3. It is planned to deal with 32 individual plans for “enhancement and extension of bridge tunnel safety reliability”. Three individual plans have bee completed, and they are “tunnel safety facility improvement project”, “Provincial Highway No. 20 Bishan Bridge reconstruction project”, and “Provincial Highway No. 23 1K+500 Fuli Bridge reconstruction project”.
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