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About Payment Instructions

Documents required:

  1. Notice of Road Traffic Violation (It’s a red ticket. If your red ticket is lost, you may make an inquiry about your case at a counter for traffic violations).
  2. The amount of fine payable.
  3. For any case of violation concerning “failure to carry a driver’s license,” you must bring your driver’s license for appearance and have it re-verified.


  1. In person: bring the required documents to the counter for traffic violations at the designated motor vehicles office/station for your appearance.
  2. Payment at a post office by prompt cancellation of case: for any case with a “V” marked in the field of “The fine may be paid at a post office or an entrusted financial institution” on the upper left corner of a Notice of Road Traffic Violation, payment may be made at any post office by prompt cancellation of the case.
  3. Telephone: Any payments that may be made at a post office may also be made via telephone. Instructions
  4. Online payment: fines that may be paid by telephone may also be paid online.


You may authorize any another person to pay a fine for a traffic violation on your behalf.

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