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Taiwan Highway No. 1

The Directorate General of Highways is committed to the construction which ensures that Taiwan’s provincial highways, cross-island highways, and expressways remain open for general use. The results of our work can be seen from north to south and east to west. The best evidence is the sweat and footprints we leave behind. For more than four decades we have been responsible for the design, planning, construction and inspections that produce Taiwan’s vaunted highway network.

I have watched my colleagues work day and night, through good weather and bad. Along the way we have received support and assistance from one another and the agency directors who have led us. Three who stand out for me include Tan Yue-quan, Lin Bin-gon and Li Gai-yun. Their guidance and leadership made it possible for us to fulfill our duties, so the Taiwanese people would have the safe, reliable roads they rely on every day.

Though I have left my position, I am delighted to see the widening project of Provincial Highway 1 complete. While this job is finished, many more lie ahead. I wish the best to my former colleagues as they continue the never-ending task of highway construction. My appreciation for those who I have followed, and those who followed me, will continue on.

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