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Path and Future

Taiwan is experiencing a rapid rise in living standards, which is leading to a dramatic increase in the number of motor vehicles. The island now has now more than 15 million cars and motorcycles as well as over 12 million drivers. The quantity and quality of highways is no longer sufficient.

To provide the infrastructure all these road users need, the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) has decided to make high quality construction and maintenance a primary objective this year. It also needs to improve highway supervision by adopting new scientific management and measurement techniques. These will let it streamline government while improving services, leading to greater efficiency.

While we are undertaking these responsibilities at the DGH, we will follow the advice of James Song, the governor of Taiwan Province. Mr. Song places his country and its people first, and has learned about their needs on his visits to all 309 villages and townships in Taiwan. He has also come to the DGH office three times, offering valuable suggestions and instructions. The DGH is grateful for Mr. Song’s attention and has implemented several of his ideas.

We want the public to know more about our work, which is why we are publishing this anthology. It describes construction projects we have implemented and supervision achievements we have made during the past five years while also giving a preview of what to expect in the years ahead.

There is no end to highway construction and supervision, just as there is no limit to serving the people. DGH needs your support and encouragement as it does everything it can to provide the excellent highway services that benefit society and the Taiwanese people.

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