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Applying for International Driving Permit

Required documents:

  1. Identity documents or residence permit.
  2. Two 2-inch color photos with glossy single-color background, without wearing hat, with clear facial features, bust shot, and were taken within past 2 years. Do not use image synthesis.
  3. Driving license.
  4. Copy of passport (to verify name in English).
  5. Fee: NT$250.


  1. The driving license must be reviewed and verified within the expiration or before the expiration of the professional driving license. Otherwise, please deal with license renewal first.
  2. If the address on the driving license is different from the address on the I.D. card, please deal with change registration at the same time.
  3. Please pay off the fines for violations first.
  4. Place of application: Local motor vehicle offices or branch offices.
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