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The Pulse of Taiwan

Every day the people of Taiwan enjoy safe, smooth trips on the island’s highways. Few stop to think that their enjoyable journey is only possible because of the dedicated effort of countless unsung heroes — our highway staff.

We work long and hard through hot summers and cold winters, overcoming many natural obstacles as we build the roads and bridges that bring people together. We patrol the highways and maintain facilities to ensure that the highway environment is safe and comfortable. As the guardians of transportation safety, we inspect drivers and vehicles. Plus we devote great effort to promotion and development of the transportation sector. We fear not toil nor do we shrink from hardship. We are the managers of the nation’s highways.

Each of us is a member, or closely connected to, the Directorate General of Highways (DGH). The DGH is a highway service agency with a long history as the builder and maintainer of Taiwan’s provincial highway network. As of the end of 2010, Taiwan had 5,115 kilometers of highway along with 2,696 bridges and 207 tunnels. Our highway personnel are responsible for maintaining these roads as well as servicing roadside equipment.

Through hard work, we have built a highway network spanning every corner of Taiwan. After constructing the central, northern, and southern cross-island highways, we are now using advanced construction techniques to build major routes like the West Coast Expressway, the East-West Expressway and Special Highway No. 2. We have also undertaken a special project to repair old and damaged bridges on provincial highways. After completing the above projects, our attention will turn to the Suhua Highway of Provincial Highway 9. There an improvement project to mountainous sections of the highway will ensure that the public’s transportation needs are met and that everyone can enjoy a safe driving environment.

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