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A Word from the Director

Over the years, the Directorate General of Highways has been holding the initial goal, taking road users’ perspective as reference and taking the responsibilities of honorable missions with earnest devotion to implement goals and strategic policies which includes “Comprehensive and convenient highway network”, “sustainable safe highway environment”, “simple-convenient motor vehicle services”, and “Quality seamless highway transport for providing the safe roads to home for hard-working and dedicated residents in this country.

In this year, we’ve been putting effort with earnest devotion to complete all construction projects and achieve outstanding performance, including the “Su’ao to Dong’ao Section of Suhua Highway Improvement project, South-Link Highway Widening Improvement Project, and West Coast Expressway Guanyin to Fonggang Section Construction Project”. At the same time, in response to the demands of Forward-Looking Infrastructure, we’ve subsidized both local governments with road quality enhancement works and building innovative Forward-Looking parking environments are being done to boost regional development. In addition, developing sustainable ecologies along our highways is a major issue also, such as “Landscape Boulevard on Provincial Highway No.3”, and “Landscape Boulevard on East Rift Valley Highway of Provincial Highway No.9”. They both have been followed by innovative concepts and procedures which take the landscape as the emphasis of the construction and integrate the aspects of local culture, ecological environment, tourism and recreation. In order to provide road users with a new “Downshifting” experience of “No matter how fast the world moves, we still living with our own tempo.” In recent years, the number of roadkill accidents of leopard cats and land crabs have occurred frequently. Progressive measures includes intensive monitoring of roadkill accidents, creating passageways for animals, and implementing traffic control. Also, touring roadkill prevention show are expected to raise attention of people to the issues about wildlife conservation, also the traffic safety. We try to achieve the integration between highway and environmental natural ecology and fulfilling the need for eco-friendly and sustainable development.

However, with climate change, extreme weather such as torrential downpours and typhoons have occurred much more frequently. Constantly intensifying our responsive abilities for disaster prevention has been an immediate mission to complete. Except using 3D multi-beam echo-sounding technology to inspect and examine bridge safety, the concept of risk management and river basin management are also included. For earlier warnings on high-risk hazardous road sections and bridges, those are integrated into the SafeTaiwan APP for ensuring the safety of each road user, and achieving the goals of disaster awareness, prevention, and evacuation.

In the aspect of motor vehicle services, the implementation of each project is based on innovative thoughts and accurate actions, such as the renovation of the road driving test system to intensify drivers’ skills and develop safe driving habits. In response to the needs of our aging society, we practice rigorous physical examination and the testing of cognitive function, extending the working age limitation of the drivers of business vehicles, banning those senior citizens who are no longer capable of driving in a competent manner, and reducing the traffic accident rate by caring for senior drivers. Also, in order to prevent tour buses from causing serious traffic accidents and casualties, and to improve traveling safety, the following strategies are implemented, such as rebuilding the motor vehicle administration mechanism, intensifying the safety management responsibility of the traffic companies, establishing a mechanism for banning senior citizens from driving, and strengthening the safety management of tour bus companies.

For promoting public transport enhancement regarding services and functions, several plans have implemented, such as the Highway Public Transport Multiple Enhancement Project for ensuring non-stop services to residents in remote areas, continuous subsidies for bus companies in order to displace old buses and the encouragement of adopting barrier-free and green energy-powered vehicles, application of E-tickets with transit concessions to promote the willingness of taking public transportation and increasing performance; collaborating with local governments in order to implement a demand-responsive transit system to provide a flexible transport service model adapt to different area with multiple possibilities, so as to improve difficult transporting operations as well as inconvenient traffic situations in the remote areas while hoping to satisfy all of the service demands from even the last mile of the road.

Roadworkers are the dream practitioners who link each corner within Taiwan with love and build up the highways with sweat. All of the honorable recognitions over the past one year are contributed by the dedicated and earnest devotion of each highway crew (DHG). In the near future, we’ll make each service more innovative and versatile with flexibility, take the general public as the first priority, and create the next whole new page of Taiwan's highway history.

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