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Highways - Rainbow Beneath the Sunshine

Transportation infrastructure is a bedrock of economic growth, a truth that the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) understands well. Ever since its establishment on August 1, 1946, the DGH has been closely aligned to economic development in Taiwan. Early on when the island was poor and its transportation network immature, the DGH stood on the front lines of development. The selfless devotion of its staff allowed it to give Taiwan a world-class highway network. This helped transform Taiwan into the advanced, wealthy nation it is today.

The fruits of DGH’s hard work are manifest, but it has not always been apparent that the DGH was behind these achievements. In the past government agencies were expected to be “silent servants” to the people; promotion was considered a trait best left to private businesses. But as Taiwan evolved into an open, commercialized society, promotion became an important way for the government to show that it was fulfilling its responsibilities. Based on this democratic ideal, I asked the DGH to publish an anthology introducing the current state of highway construction and management.

This book is the result of that hard work. Through words, photos and illustrations it serves as a comprehensive guide for readers to understand the highway network and bridges they rely on in their everyday lives. It records the DGH’s storied past at a time when major changes to the Republic of China signal a new era for our agency. Titled “Highways - Rainbow Beneath the Sunshine,” the anthology uses rainbows to represent Taiwan’s remarkable bridges and the sun to represent the resilience of its highway infrastructure. Together, they are the perfect symbols for this anthology.

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