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Commute and Bridge - A Review of Bridges Damaged in the 921 Earthquake

The DGH faced a monumental challenge in 1999 when fracture of the Chelungpu Fault severely damaged 10 highway bridges. The effects of the 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake completely blocked passage at five of these bridges: the Shihwei Bridge, Wusee Bridge, Mingchu Bridge, Tontow Bridge, and Yijiang Bridge. By building temporary paths the DGH restored traffic, but additional problems remained. Movement of girders and surface plates, as well as deflection and shear failure of piers, occurred at four bridges: the Donforn Bridge, Maulosee Bridge, Yenping Bridge, and Yenforn Bridge. Again, the DGH relied on emergency measures such as bracing and mending to restore traffic. Then, the long and difficult process of reconstruction could begin. Besides repairs to these structures, the DGH faced technical challenges at the Chilu Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge that was under construction when the earthquake struck. High-tech methods were needed to repair damaged portions, a process that took place in conjunction with a consultancy.

The intensity of the natural disaster is what made rebuilding such a formidable challenge. Fortunately, our colleagues in relevant engineering departments were up to the task. As new difficulties emerged they cooperated to overcome them. Their fast, careful work allowed construction to mostly finish ahead of schedule so disaster victims could return to their normal way of life. Not only government officials but also the locals who use these roads recognized the DGH’s strong performance.

The purpose of this book is to describe the progress that has been made through vivid photos with Chinese and English descriptions. Each stage is addressed in detail, from the original appearance to the damage caused by the earthquake, followed by reconstruction, completion, and opening to traffic. Two years have passed since the 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake unleashed its fury on Taiwan. With the publication of this book we hope to make sure that people never forget these painful times, so when future disasters strike the island, our descendants can learn from our experiences and likewise find a way to emerge from the rubble.

Director, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, September 2001.

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