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Transcend the Horizon of Formosa

On this beautiful island known as “Formosa,” all members of the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) provide the mental and physical exertion needed to produce hope. With this attitude they fulfill their duty of building a better highway network for all people to enjoy.

Evidence of the commitment our highway staff bring to their job can be found on each corner of the island. Initially these workers began by clearing the land, and soon they were laying new roads on mountains and building bridges across rivers. Later, as the freeway and expressway network took shape and digital technology arrived, the DGH turned its attention online. Today it offers motor vehicles administrative services over the internet, so people can take advantage of these services from the comfort of home.

During the past 60 years workers at the DGH have helped build the nation’s highways while watching the contributions to national development that these roads bring. We are honored to be a part of this important process but want more. We have come to appreciate the need for hard work and oversight. If we uphold these values then we can continue on the path to building a highway network and management system that rival the best in the world.

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