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The Road of Taiwan

When traversing Taiwan it is clear that the island is blessed. From the jade green landscape of the Central Mountain Range to the deep blue of the surrounding Pacific Ocean, this land and its waters nurture the people who call it home. And the different regions of the island are connected by an intricate highway network, which brings everyone closer and lets them share what the island has to offer.

For the last six decades the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) has been responsible for building and maintaining this highway network. Its staff have worked from one corner of the island to the next, passing over mountains and besides long stretches of coast, to ensure that the people of Taiwan have a safe way home. They continue the work of some of the earliest Chinese settlers, such as the Fujian Governor Wang Kai Tai, who said: “The sea of clouds blocks the way to Sih Po Lan but we have crossed the rolling rocks and stones in Hualien and cleared a path. Now we can remove our armor and prepare for spring cultivation.”

The governor’s ambition reminds me of the spirit of the later highway workers who opened the doors to the mountains and forests. They devoted their youths to Taiwan and made this island great. They are the reason we have such a wonderful past, present and future.

The purpose of this book is to present the work behind the last six decades of highway advancement. Its publication means we will not forget the devotion of the people who built our roads and connected the island. Together, we offer our appreciation and respect to these highway heroes.

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