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Road Maintenance

  • Highway Maintainance:
    • Road Maintenance:
      • Broadening and improvement projects associated with provincial highway and county road maintenance.
      • Soil and water conservation projects.
      • Environmental impact evaluations associated with maintenance and roadway broadening projects.
    • Bridge Management:
      • Regular inspection and examination of bridges.
      • Bridge monitoring.
      • Management of overweight and oversized vehicles on bridges.
      • Management of extra hanging wires on bridges.
      • River maintenance and bridge safety.
    • Roadway Management:
      • Maintenance and repairs to provincial highways and county roads.
      • Provincial highway and county road disaster management.
      • Road excavation and flattening management.
    • Transportation Engineering:
      • Roadway and tunnel placement management.
      • Stage III inspections of provincial highways.
      • Planning and implementation of intelligent highway transportation systems.
      • Electrical engineering and lighting for highways and tunnels.
    • Landscape:
      • Landscaping along highways and bridges.
    • Highway Disaster Prevention and Rescue:
      • Prevention and rescue associated with highway and bridge disasters, contingencies or emergency situations.
  • Major Transportation-based Public Construction Projects
  • Repair and Recovery Program for Highways Struck by Typhoon Morakot
  • Highway Maintenance Statistics
    Highways The DGH maintains over 4,793 kilometers of provincial highways, 3,358 kilometers of county roads and 2,625 kilometers of county roads used as detours for maintenance projects (not including Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli or Hualian counties). The DGH also supervises maintenance by local governments on 7,418 kilometers of county road, and has increased the length of provincial highways it maintains by 889 kilometers, or 23%, since 1991.
    Bridges The DGH maintains 2,709 bridges on provincial highways and 1,316 bridges on county road detour routes, for a total of 4,025 bridges. Since July 1991, 1,295 new provincial highway bridges and 322 county bridges were built, or a total of 1,617 bridges, representing an increase of 67%.
    Tunnels The DGH maintains 270 tunnels.
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