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Category Motor Vehicles
Title Never Miss the Text Messages from Motor Vehicle Services
Date 2021-04-26 15:52
Deadline 2021-04-26 ~ 2021-12-31
Organization Taipei Motor Vehicle Office-Vehicle Management Section

To provide better motor vehicle services, Taipei Motor Vehicles Office promotes new initiative of collecting the cell phone number and email address of vehicle owners to instantly inform them of important news via text messages or email.

Since September 3, 2018, Taipei Motor Vehicles Office has commissioned 53 vehicle inspection agencies to collect the cell phone number and email address of vehicle owners (natural persons)(Company vehicles will only be registered with an email address.) who personally have their vehicles inspected at the agencies.

Those who have registered their contact information will be provided with the text messaging service for regular vehicle inspections. For the convenience of citizens, Taipei Motor Vehicles Office will still send postcards to those who haven’t registered to remind them of the vehicle inspection.

To expand the text messaging service, Taipei Motor Vehicles Office will further commission driving schools to collect the cell phone number and email address of their students. It is expected that the text messaging service will be included as part of all motor vehicle services so that no important messages will be missed. Vehicles owners will be reminded of the periodical vehicle inspection to help them avoid fines and maintain traffic safety.

Application Channels:
(1)Online application at the Motor Vehicle Services website: https://www.mvdis.gov.tw/m3-emv-car/car/collect.
(2)Vehicles owners can register their cell phone number at vehicle inspection agencies.
(3)Vehicle owners can register at any motor vehicle administration counter with their ID card and vehicle license. Registering via phone is not accepted..

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