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Category Motor Vehicles
Title Miaoli Station will stop Weekend services on Jul. 24th.
Date 2021-07-23 10:45
Deadline 2021-07-23 ~ 2021-08-23
Organization Miaoli Station-Fifth Subsection

As Taiwan epidemic continues to be severe, the national third-level epidemic alert continues to be extended until Jul. 26th.
In order to cooperate with the government's anti-epidemic measures, the Weekend services originally scheduled at the Miaoli Station on Jul. 24th will be stopped.
About originally scheduled to plan large-scale activities due to have group effects, should also be suspended or postponed, including motorcycle countryside driving license test services, various traffic safety classes, and original motorcycle road test site open for practicing.
Su Shu-Xian, the head of the Miaoli Station, reminded those who want to obtain a motorcycle driver's license. Due to the risk of cross-contagion in close contact with the public, the original motorcycle road test site will provide practicing for candidates at noon every day, which will be suspended immediately till the status dismissed.

If you have further questions, please contact Mr. Zheng, contact number: 037-331806 -201

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