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Category Motor Vehicles
Title Weekend services at Miaoli Station on 25th, Dec,2021
Date 2021-12-23 12:04
Deadline 2021-12-23 ~ 2022-01-23
Organization Miaoli Station-Fifth Subsection

Miaoli Motor Vehicle Station will offer services continuously on 25th , December, 2021, including the Locomotive Driver's License Written Test and road test, the application for the affairs of Driver's license change, registration for the address of residence, payment for traffic violation ticket as well as other motor vehicle consultation services.

Furthermore, remember to bring the ID card, three 1-inched photos taken within the past two years (same as the one on the application form of the health examination), application form of the health examination and the fee of registration NT$250 and of the license NT$200.Candidates are required to check in at the registration counter at 8 on that day. The lecture for the candidates will start at 8:30, followed by the knowledge exam and road test.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 outbreak, people should wear the mask when entering public occasions for some demands with forehead temperature higher 37.5 degree.

The Weekend services measures of Miaoli Supervision Station will cease to be implemented since 111. People can use the online services of the Motor Vehicle information service or visit the Motor Vehicle Station during normal working hours to negotiate. If you have further questions, please contact Mr. Zheng,the contact number is 037331806-201

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