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Category Motor Vehicles
Title Public transport contingency during Labor Day vacation
Date 2022-04-28 17:15
Deadline 2022-04-28 ~ 2022-05-10
Organization Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office-Transportation Management Section

It is reported that Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) workers will take a day off on 1. May, in order to tackle the upcoming strike, Minister of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C. (MOTC) Director Wang Kuo-tsai has been commanding motor vehicle offices to make the public transport contingency to guide passengers to take buses or high speed rail train to reach their destinations smoothly, such as producing notices with clear illustration and well-planned alternative transportation methods for passengers who planned to take the train. Through the detailed planning and drill process, staff at train stations deployed during the vacation will provide clear and precise guidance for your journeys.

Bus operators are enhancing cleaning and disinfection protocols and providing QR code for passengers to leave their basic personal data by sending a free text to 1922 whenever taking transportation and body temperature must be measured before the passenger boarding the vehicle or entering the stations or transits, if the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, then the driver must reject the boarding and the full ticket refund can be guaranteed. Due to the increasing severity of COVID-19, all people should wear the masks anytime and anywhere and must keep a safe social distance with others.

Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office (HMVO) will work closely with bus operators and all relevant authorities to ensure sufficient shifts to accelerate passengers’trips. We aim to provide an efficient way for you to arrive your destinations conveniently during Labor day vacation.

Highway public transportation offers reliable and convenient service, most importantly, a safe way home. So during Labor day vacation, HMVO will continuously enhance the whole operation and arrangement of bus operators to make sure that everything is in order. We are making every effort to strengthen the safety check and to make sure that everyone can travel by bus safely.

All passengers should wear masks all the time, if the passenger got fever or has symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical assistance immediately (call 1922) and do not use the public transportation when in doubt.

You can find more information on Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) website and the website of Minister of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C. (MOTC) and Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office (HMVO).

We hope to make your journey more convenient and much safer.

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