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Motor Vehicles Office

  • User-friendly, convenient highway supervision services.
  • Authorized convenience stores can collect fees for traffic violations, licensing and registration renewal, as well as the fuel tax.
  • Establishment of a license plate bidding website.
  • Web number plate competitive tender.
  • Road supervision brochures for new immigrants.
  • Telephone speech services for paying traffic fines (412-11111, 412-6666; ext. 168).
  • Telephone speech services for automobile/motorcycle licenses and registration renewal (412-1111, 412-6666; ext. 167).
  • Telephone speech services for paying the fuel tax (412-1111, 412-6666; ext. 169).
  • Establishment of an online information system for buses using national freeways and highways.
  • Establishment of a highway supervision hot line service for comments and complaints (0800-231035).
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