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Region-Based Road System Construction Project

Project description

  • Competent authority: Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  • Organizer: Directorate General of Highways, MOTC
  • Duration: January 2022 to December 2027

Project background

Road traffic construction is related to national competitiveness and the well-being of society and people. The ultimate goal of road traffic construction is to “improve the quality of life,” “promote industrial development,” and” make the natural environment sustainable.” It is also the goal of the region-based road system construction. For the “Region-Based Road System Construction (Highway System) 6 Years(2022~2027) Project” this time, the central government has allocated NT$33 billion. In addition to past projects, and to assist the localities in handling new road opening and widening issues, we also listed resources to assist in the reconstruction and reparation of remote or urgent roads. In this way, we aim to eliminate dangerous bottlenecks, thereby helping the local governments to improve the road network and enhance the efficiency of regional industrial transportation.

Project target

  1. To promote the travel time in 1 hour from each central city to neighboring central city.
  2. To promote travel time in 30 minutes from each town in the living circle to the central city.
  3. To assist the local authorities to construct complete road network and improve transport efficiency for regional industry.
  4. To assist the remote rural townships, or the roads required immediate improvement for the repair and eliminating dangerous bottleneck road.
  5. To promote quality and connection for each tourist spots.
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