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Highways- Rainbow Beneath the Sunshine(outside)

Directorate General of Highways (DGH) is a traffic construction unit with long history. The existence of DGH has its close relationship with the economy development of Taiwan. Transportation constructions are usually considered as the foundation of economy growth. Looking back to the economy situation and traffic situation of Taiwan in the 50’s, the island was considered as a poor and undeveloped country. Until today, Taiwan has transformed into an advanced and wealthy nation with high quality highway constructions no less then any developed countries. This is a great achievement of 52 years of selfless devotion and hard working of all the members of DGH since its establishment in August 1st, 1946.
In the past, public servants were asked to devote themselves quietly instead of promoting what they have done; promoting oneself was consider the technique of a businessman. However, in a democratic and commercialized society, promotion and publication are important methods for the public to know what government agencies have done in their everyday life, thus to acquire recognition from the public. Based on this idea, I have asked the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) to publish an anthology introducing current situation of highway constructions and revolutionary highway supervision measurements in Taiwan. With pictures and illustrations, the anthology serves as a comprehensive guidance and navigation reference to the readers for further understanding to highway system development and bridge construction.
Reformation of the Republic of China (R.O.C.) is likely to bring movements to DGH, and the anthology will become the witnesses of history. DGH dedicates the achievements to the public through the anthology in memorizing the 52nd anniversary.
This anthology is called Highways- Rainbow Beneath the Sunshine. Rainbow is the symbol of the remarkable bridges. The sunshine represents the magnificent power of the eternity of transportation constructions. Isn’t that a perfect symbol for this anthology?

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