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Transcend the Horizon of Formosa(outside)

In this beautiful island of Formosa, all of the staff members of the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, with our great wisdom and strenuous efforts, have been pouring hope into this land by weav-ing highway networks for Taiwan.
The footsteps of our highway workers have reached every corner of this country. In the early years, they had to blaze new trails through brambles, and that overcome all kinds of natural obstacles to construct roads and bridges. After so much hardship and endeavor, we have established highway, expressway, and freeway networks. Moreover, our application of digital technologies has enabled the people to enjoy this burea’s efficient motor vehicle services without leaving home, thus successfully connecting individual highway networks and motor vehicle service internets for the people.
Actually, during the past sixty years, this bureau has not only participated in but also witnessed the whole process of Taiwan’s highway construction and national development. We feel very proud but never complacent. At this juncture, we need to make greater efforts and take more suggestions so that we can march forward unceasingly. It is our earnest hope that, in the near future, we will advance steadily toward the rank of developed countries on highway construction and management.

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