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Path and Future(outside)

Due to the fast growing of living standard and motor vehicle number, the quality and quantity of highways no longer satisfied the need of the public. Therefore, Directorate General of Highways (DGH) has determined to provide high quality highway constructions (maintenance) as one of the core task for this year.
In the highway supervision aspect, with over 15 million cars and motorcycles in Taiwan, and more than12 million drivers, DGH is aware that the growing need can only be satisfied with scientific management and measurements. It is DGH’s responsibilities to fulfill the principle of “simplify government” in order to provide better services for the public.
Mr. Song, the Governor of Taiwan Province is a man that cares nothing but his country and people. He had visited all three hundred and nine villages and townships in Taiwan, and visited DGH for three times. During his visit, he made a lot of instructions and suggestion, and DGH has followed those instructions, and implement several proposals. We are grateful to Mr. Song for his warm compassion to all the public servants and to the members of DGH. This anthology is a demonstration promotion of the project implementation and supervision achievements of the past and future five years. We are hopping that through this anthology, people in Taiwan can have a better understanding for the work of DGH.
There is no end for highway constructions and highway supervisions as there are no limit for pursuing a better highway service for the people. DGH need your support and encouragement. DGH is doing its best to provide high quality highway services for the society and the welfare of the public.

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